Life keeps coming whether you get sick or hurt.  Indemnity plans provides cash benefits for each day an insured in hospitalized that can be used as the insured chooses such as for paying for unexpected medical expenses, mortgage, rent or other bills.


Even with a comprehensive medical benefit package, many individuals may still be responsible for paying deductibles, co-pays and other expenses. Now there’s a plan that will provide cash benefits in the event of a hospital stay due to an accident or sickness. Chubb’s Accident and Sickness Hospital Indemnity Plan can cover some of the costs associated with a hospital stay and may provide extra cash to help with expenses that a primary health plan won’t cover. 


Plan Benefits 

  • In-Hospital - cash benefit for each day of hospitalization due to an accident or sickness. 
  • Intensive Care Unit - additional cash benefit for each day of confinement in an intensive care unit due to an accident or sickness. 
  • Recuperation – a cash benefit for each day of hospitalization paid upon discharge from the hospital. 


Plan Features 

  • Eligible for ages 18-64 (policy terminates at age 75) 
  • Guaranteed issue 
  • Cash benefits are paid directly to the insured and can be used however the insured chooses 
  • No elimination period - Coverage is effective on the first day of hospitalization 
  • No waiting periods (Pre-existing conditions diagnosed within 6 months of enrollment are covered after 12 months of coverage) 
  • Underwritten by Federal Insurance Company, a Chubb company. (2017 A.M. Best Rated A++ (Superior)* 


General Exclusions 

This insurance does not apply to any loss caused by or resulting from, directly or indirectly, any of the following: 

Commission or attempted commission of a felony; immunization shots and routine examinations; incarceration; intoxication while operating a motorized vehicle; alcoholism or drug or substance abuse; Pre-existing Condition if the Sickness occurs during the first 12 months of coverage; pregnancy, except a Complication of Pregnancy; pregnancy of a Dependent Child; any rest care or custodial care or treatment for any Accident or Sickness; participating in a motorized vehicular race or speed contest; participating in military action while in active military service; suicide, attempted suicide or intentionally self-inflicted injury; voluntary abortion, except where such person’s life would be endangered if the fetus were carried to term; war, declared or undeclared; routine newborn well baby care; Accident or Sickness payable under Occupational Disease Law, Workers Compensation or similar law.

This information is a brief description of the important features of this insurance plan. It is not an insurance contract. Insurance benefits are underwritten by Federal Insurance Company. Coverage may not be available in all states or certain terms may be different where required by state law. Chubb NA is the U.S.- based operating division of the Chubb Group of Companies, headed by Chubb Ltd. (NYSE:CB) Insurance products and services are provided by Chubb Insurance underwriting companies and not by the parent company itself. This policy provides limited benefits on a fixed indemnity basis. It does not constitute comprehensive health insurance coverage (often referred to as “major medical coverage”) and does not satisfy a person’s individual obligation to secure the requirement of minimum essential coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). For more information about the ACA, please refer to 

*A.M.Best rating ranges from A++ to D. This rating is an indication of the company’s financial strength and ability to meet obligations to its insureds 

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