Careington CareShield Plan

CareShield is designed to give you state-of-the-art tools to help you prevent your identity from being stolen, and to alert you if any of your personal account information is stolen. It also includes a full service legal plan and restoration service you can use for identity repair, and any related legal needs. We also include financial planning services, and additional legal services that can be used any time.

InfoArmor - Identity Theft Monitoring and Restoration 

InfoArmor will proactively defend what matters most, members and their families!* InfoArmor’s PrivacyArmor service provides proactive and industry-leading identity monitoring to detect fraud sooner than competitors.  The InfoArmor team includes Privacy Advocates who are certified and trained to be experts in identity theft restoration. If suspicious activity is detected, a privacy advocate will contact the member by phone and operate as a dedicated case manager from start to case completion.

 PrivacyArmor Services Include:

  • Solicitation Opt-Outs: Allows members to manage and reduce unwanted solicitations, pre-approved credit card offers and junk mail to limit exposure of personal information.
  • SNAPD Monitoring: Searches and monitors past credit history, as well as real-time identity fraud or threats. Detects misuse up to 90 days sooner than credit-based solutions.
  • Privacy Advocate Restoration: If the member’s identity is compromised, trained experts will contact member by phone to discuss the suspicious activity on their account and work to completely restore member’s identity.
  • Digital Identity Report: Provides a Privacy Grade and helpful tips to better secure personal information
  • WalletArmor: Makes replacing a lost wallet quick and easy, plus stores log-in information and passwords 

*The membership plan includes the primary enrollment member plus up to four additional family members living in the household.


Legal Access Plans

Legal Access Plans provides members and their family access to a nationwide network of over 18,300 attorneys that have contracted with Legal Access Plans to provide free and discounted legal services. This program provides initial face-to-face or phone consultations with licensed attorneys who will help analyze legal problems, suggest options and recommend a course of action.


  1. No-Cost Services
  2. Exclusive Flat Fee Services*
  3. Low Hourly Plan Rate Discount Services
  4. Discounted Contingency Fees.

No-Cost Basic Services Including:

  • Free Simple Will with free annual updates
  • Free Living Will substitution for Free Simple Will
  • One-on-one consultations for new legal matters for up to ½ hour
  • Unlimited phone consultations (for each new legal matter for up to ½ hour)
  • Assistance in solving your problems with government programs
  • Helpful advice on representing yourself in small claims court
  • Attorney review of legal documents (six page maximum) per new matter

*If your matter does not fit into the specific plan definitions for these matters, the special plan hourly rate will apply.

Legal Dependents under the age of 23 are covered under the Plan, while residing at home or away at school. The Plan also covers the parents of both the member and the member’s spouse.



Financial counseling on demand provides members with a broad array of practical financial counseling services when they have questions and need assistance.

askAFS services include access to accredited, certified financial counselors by way of a live telephonic counseling helpline and online information, educational and referral resources. Common issues include credit matters, tax questions, home financing, credit card debt, cash flow review, caring for elders, college planning, budgeting, retirement planning, vehicle purchase and many other individual and family financial concerns. askAFS has no products or services to sell.

What does askAFS do?

  • Initial problem assessment
  • Initial problem clarification
  • Problem-solving options
  • Creation of a goal-oriented plan
  • Resources and tools for the plan’s solutions and additional education
  • Assistance and support in completing the plan
  • Referrals for assistance as needed
  • Ongoing follow-up and help with additional concerns

 Guard Street Travel Security Package

  • Members have access to the Travel Security package from Guard Street. This package features a Personal VPN, Secure Email Account and a Secure Data Vault. When you book a trip, you can rest assured that your valuable information can be accessed securely and with ease!
  • Included in the Travel Security package:
    • Personal VPN: Whether at home or away, members can turn on the Secure Web Access Tool and keep their credit card numbers, bank account numbers and passcodes along with the websites that they visit secure from others. Members can use public Wi-Fi securely, surf sites discreetly and be safe from hackers and identity thieves.
    • Secure Email Address: Members will receive a secure email account to use any time they need to email important documents or as their primary email account. Emails are safely stored on secure servers, where they are safe from hackers and identity thieves.
    • Secure Digital Vault: Members can securely store, share and access their important documents while traveling or at home. These include medical records, legal documents like social security card copies, passwords, account numbers, itineraries, passports, visas, photos and more.

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