Chiropractic Healing Center (Las Vegas)

The purpose of our clinic is to help as many people as possible achieve optimal health, naturally. The global need for non-invasive, drug-free and natural ways to fight against the physical, chemical and mental hazards of life is growing at a rapid rate. Of the natural methods, chiropractic is the largest and most recognized and fastest growing.

Hearing Associates of Las Vegas

Hearing Associates of Las Vegas specializes in comprehensive hearing evaluations, aural rehabilitation, counseling, fitting, repairing and dispensing of hearing aids. We also specialize in comprehensive tinnitus evaluations and various state of the art tinnitus treatment options. We believe in putting the care back into hearing health care.

MedLion Clinic (Maryland, Virginia, California and Nevada)

MedLion Clinic membership offers unlimited video and phone medical consultations with dedicated, high-quality, board-certified doctors at a price point that is unmatched.

MintnHoney   (Las Vegas)

MintnHoney makes yoga fun, easily accessible, and relatable to the everyday person. From health and wellness retreats, individual yoga sessions, to corporate team building classes, MintnHoney offers beginner yoga that every body type can confidently try and enjoy. 

The founder, Emily Rae, is a wanderlust soul, creative personality, and an eclectic person that loves to travel, teach wine yoga, and live life to the fullest.

Discover yoga “how-tos” and tutorials on Facebook @MintnHoneyYoga, socialize locally with MintnHoney’s Yoga Events, or tune in to listen to “Living as a Yogi” through MintnHoney’s podcast.


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