Affordable healthcare will remain one of the most significant challenges independent contractors face.  Unlike W2 employees, independent contractors historically have not had access to group benefits, forcing them to pay higher rates for coverage, particularly when age is taken into consideration.  TEN99 is pleased to have partnered with Aliera Healthcare and Alpha Agency, LLC to provide our members with innovative, solution-based healthcare.  

PrimaCare Nationwide Healthcare

PrimaCare Nationwide Healthcare plans provide meaningful, non-catastrophic health care for as low as $69 per month with zero deductible.  Plans are open to enrollment year round.  Anyone can become a member, and individual and family plans are available.



AlieraCare Hospitalization and Surgery Plan

For those seeking more robust care, Aliera Healthcare offers AlieraCare plans that combine the Aliera 'MEC' Solution with Trinity Healthshare Hospitalization.  This two-part offering provides coverage for catastrophic hospitalization, surgery and other benefits with the ability to choose from a $5,000 to $10,000 MSRA.  


Aliera Healthcare and its First Health (PrimaCare) and PHCS Multiplan (AlieraCare) networks of providers, with more than 1,000,000 healthcare professionals and more than 6,000 facilities, offer unparalleled access to quality, affordable healthcare professionals.




Become part of the growing trend by joining a new and innovative healthcare program independent of insurance to receive better care at an affordable price.





PrimaCare Nationwide Healthcare

PrimaCare plans provide meaningful, non-catastrophic health care for as low as $69 per month without deductibles.

Aliera PrimaCare plans are centered around the Direct Primary Care Medical Home model (DPCMH).  The plans are a low-cost nationwide healthcare product that includes preventive, episodic and urgent care services, alongside a 24/7 telemedicine feature, supported by labs, x-rays & ancillary services where needed, as well as a prescription discount program.


AlieraCare, Aliera 'MEC' Solution plus ACA exempt HCSM Hospitalization and Surgery Plan

AlieraCare plans combine an Aliera 'MEC' solution with a Trinity HealthShare Hospitalization and Surgery Plan that provides more robust care and covers catastrophic hospitalization, with the ability to choose from $5,000 to $10,000 Member Shared Responsibility Amount (MSRA).




TEN99 is constantly seeking ways to improve the products and services it offers to members and alterations take place continually.  Whilst every effort is made to produce and maintain up to date promotional materials, the foregoing is only a summary and as such should not be regarded as an infallible guide to the benefits offered by Aliera Healthcare or other partners.  Accordingly, it is extremely important to carefully review all legal notices, terms, conditions and other information directly on the Aliera Healthcare link before joining to ensure the plans offered will meet your specific needs, including qualification for ACA exemptions.

These Plans are NOT comprehensive health insurance and do NOT include hospitalization or certain other benefits.  If you have a chronic illness or disease or other medical conditions that require ongoing and/or specialized treatment do not join in these plans. Further, understand that you can only enroll in a major medical plan outside of open enrollment if you experience a qualifying life event. You should never cancel any plan you have until you receive confirmation that a replacement plan is in effect.

Please contact the support line at 844 588.6250 if you have any questions. We are here to serve you.

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