24-Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance

Association Members can gain peace of mind on the road by registering for Emergency Roadside Assistance. Once registered, you will receive emergency roadside assistance membership materials including membership cards that will enable you and your family to get assistance from a participating service provider whenever car troubles arise. 

You will be covered for the first $50 per occurrence for each covered emergency expense, including towing, flat tire assistance, battery service and lock-out service. You are responsible for paying providers directly for any charges over $50 per occurrence and for any non-covered expenses. Payment is required at the time services are rendered. To be eligible for coverage, you must register in advance of using the service and receive your roadside assistance membership cards. Only one service call for the same cause will be covered during any seven-day period. 


To register, simply call Member Services at 1-866-215-1376. Road America will send you a membership kit detailing the services of the program. 


Car Rental Discounts 

Take advantage of affordable auto rental rates from Avis®, Budget® and Dollar® Rent A Car.

Using this Service is Easy!

  1. Call any participating car rental company to arrange for a car rental. 24-hour advance reservations are required. Have your credit card number available for payment when you place your reservation.
  2. Give the representative the Member ID number listed below.
  3. You will be quoted a special, member discount rate. Rates are based on the type of car you want and the area where you rent. Discounts apply to weekly, daily, promotional and holiday rates, as well as some weekend rates.
  4. Show your Association Member ID card when you pick up your car.

Toll-Free Reservations
Avis®: 1-800-239-6536 - ID# B381920
Budget®: 1-866-928-3438 - ID# X736134
Dollar® Rent A Car: 1-800-800-4000 - ID# CT5253

Note: Some blackout dates and restrictions may apply. 24-hour advance reservations are required.



Travel Assistance Plan

As a member, you receive the following benefits through the Travel Assistance Program when traveling more than one hundred (100) miles from your permanent place of Residence, and the trip duration is ninety (90) consecutive days or less if an accidental injury or sickness commences during the course of the covered trip. The following is a summary description only of the program’s services. If you have any questions, please call the customer service number provided with your benefit information.


  • Emergency evacuation. If an insured incurs an accidental injury or sickness and adequate medical facilities are not available locally in the opinion of the assistance company physician, the assistance company will arrange an emergency medical evacuation (under medical supervision if necessary) by whatever means necessary to the nearest facility capable of providing adequate care. Covered expenses include transportation and related medical services (including cost of medical escort) and medical supplies necessarily incurred in connection with the emergency evacuation. All transportation arrangements made for the emergency evacuation must be made by the most direct and economical route possible. 
  • Medically necessary repatriation. After initial treatment and stabilization for an accidental injury or sickness suffered by the insured, if the attending physician deems it medically necessary, and the assistance company physician agrees, the assistance company will arrange transport for the insured back to his or her permanent place of residence for further medical treatment or to recover. Covered expenses include transportation and related medical services (including escort if necessary) and medical supplies necessarily incurred in connection with the repatriation. All transportation cost made for repatriation must be by the most direct and economical route possible. Emergency Evacuation and Medically Necessary Repatriation Total combined Limit Up to USD $100,000.
  • Transportation of mortal remains. In the event of the death of an insured, the assistance company will provide for the return of mortal remains. Covered expenses are the following: locating a sending funeral home, transportation of the body from the site of death to the sending funeral home; preparation of the remains for either burial or cremation; transportation of the remains from the funeral home to the airport; providing the minimum necessary casket or air tray for transport; consular services (in case of death overseas); procuring death certificate; transport of the remains from the airport to the receiving funeral home. Once the insured’s body has been delivered to the receiving funeral home, this coverage ends. Up to USD $20,000.
  • Transportation of Traveling Companion. In the event an insured requires emergency medical evacuation by air ambulance or repatriation by commercial airlines provided in this agreement, air transport of the insured spouse or other family member or traveling companion will be provided so that person may accompany the insured in flight, subject to space availability, giving priority to medical equipment and medical personnel aboard and for the welfare and safety of the insured receiving services in this agreement. All services in connection with transportation of traveling companion must be preapproved and arranged by the assistance company. Up to USD $5,000.
  • Family Visitation. When a member is traveling alone and is hospitalized for more than seven (7) consecutive days, the Assistance company will arrange transportation to the place of hospitalization for a chosen person by the insured, provided repatriation is not imminent.
    Covered expenses include the cost of the most direct economy round trip common carrier ticket to the place of hospitalization. Up to USD $5,000.
  • Transportation of Dependent Children. When dependent children, traveling on a covered trip with the insured, are left unattended as the result of an insured’s injury or sickness, the assistance company will arrange to transport such minors to the domicile of a person nominated by the insured or next of kin. Covered expenses include a one way common carrier economy ticket by the most direct route. Attendants will be provided if necessary. Up to USD $5,000. 
  • Vehicle Return. In the event an insured should suffer from a certified illness, injury or death which requires emergency medical evacuation/medical necessary repatriation or transportation of mortal remains and the insured is thereby unable to drive his/her vehicle, this assistance will provide vehicle return service for ground vehicles such as cars, trucks, vans, travel trailers or motor homes, operated by the insured, to the insured permanent residence. This benefit will pay the cost, up to USD 1,000 for fuel, oil, driver and tolls to affect such return. The insured will bear the cost of any repair due to mechanical breakdown, en route, as well as cost for food and accommodations. The vehicle must be in condition capable of being safely operated on the highway. All services in connection with vehicle return must be preapproved and arranged by the assistance company. All coverage’s apply only when the insured is traveling more than 100 miles from the insured permanent place of residence and the trip is 90 consecutive days or less. Covered expenses are reasonable and customary expenses for necessary transportation, related medical services and medical supplies incurred in connection with the coverage’s listed above. All transportation arrangements made must be by the most direct and economical routing possible. Covered expenses for transportation must be recommended by the attending physician, required by the standard regulations of the conveyance transporting the insured and arranged by the assistance company. Up to USD $1,000. 
  • 24-hour Information Service. Should the Participant need information before and/or during travel he/she may call the Assistance Provider 24 hours a day to obtain help. The multilingual staff is prepared to assist and coordinate the management of a wide variety of travel related situations. Services include but are not limited to information on required documents, immunization requirements, State Department Travel Advisory warnings on travel to certain locations, weather and hazard information about foreign locations, suggested medical exams or treatment before departure and medical care en route.
  • Medical Monitoring. Should the participant need to be medically monitored, the Assistance Provider’s duty physician will monitor the case, while liaising with the participant, the local attending physician, the family physician and the medical director of the Assistance Provider.
  • Medical Referral. Should the Participant need help locating a Physician or Hospital, the Assistance Provider will provide referrals to a local prequalified Physician and/or Hospital. 
  • Guarantee of Medical Expenses. Should the Participant need help for overseas medical payments the Assistance Provider will assist in the arrangement of payment or guarantee of payment to Medical Providers. Subject to the quality of the Participant’s confirmed personal credit.
  • Insurance Coordination. Should the Participant need help for overseas medical claims, the Assistance Provider will assist him/her in coordinating the claims procedure with the Participant’s insurance program. 
  • Lost Documentation Service. Should the Participant need help to replace lost or stolen travel documents (i.e., passport, baggage, tickets, credit cards, etc.), the Assistance Provider will advise and assist where possible regarding their replacement.
  • Legal Assistance. Should the Participant need help arranging local attorneys, embassies and consulates, arranging bail, or coordination of payment for legal services the Assistance Provider will provide referrals and payments, from available resources of the Participant. 
  • Emergency Delivery of Prescription Items. Should the Participant need prescription medication or lenses not available locally, the Assistance Provider will organize the delivery of the prescribed item to the Participant upon written authorization from the prescribing physician when possible and legally permissible. 
  • Emergency Cash Transfer and Advances. Should the Participant need cash as a result of loss or theft, the Assistance Provider will arrange for emergency cash transfers and advances through additional sources, including hotels, banks, Consulates and Western Union, up to a limit of $500 per transaction. All transactions are subject to any government regulation and to the availability of the Participant’s confirmed personal credit. 
  • Language Assistance. Should the Participant need help communicating in a foreign country, the Assistance Provider will provide telephone interpretation.

Limitations and Exclusions:

The following conditions represent coverage exclusions: 

  1. Suicide or attempted suicide;
  2. Intentionally self-inflicted injuries;
  3. War, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities between nations (whether declared or not), civil war;
  4. Participation in any military maneuver or training exercise;
  5. Mental or emotional disorders, unless hospitalized;
  6. Being under the influence of drugs or intoxicants, unless prescribed by a Physician;
  7. Commission or the attempt to commit a criminal act;
  8. Participation as a professional in athletics;
  9. Pregnancy and childbirth (except for complications of pregnancy);
  10. Travel undertaken for the specific purpose of securing medical treatment; and
  11. Bodily Injury or Sickness which can be treated locally and does not prevent the Insured from continuing his or her journey or from returning home.

This Benefit is NOT Available to residents of Florida, Connecticut or New York




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