Many people insure themselves, their homes, their cars, their boats and even their pets, but not many think to insure what may well be their most important asset – their paycheck! 


As an Independent Contractor, chances are your job benefits don’t include sick days and you know that being sick or injured can cost you.  It may be possible to handle a day or two without earnings.  But what would you do if a major sickness or injury keeps you out of work for a week – or months? 


Plan Benefits 

  • Cash benefits paid directly to you (in addition to all other private insurance) – up to $1,500 per month depending on the coverage level you choose. 
  • Day one coverage from the first day you’re sick1 or hurt, are under the regular care of a doctor and:
    • Can’t perform your usual work duties, if employed
    • Can’t perform normal activities if unemployed (such as housekeeping, shopping and driving.
  • Up to 6 full months of coverage, depending on the nature and severity of the injury or illness.
  • 24/7 coverage, 365 days a year – for all occupations.


1Sickness is an optional coverage available for an additional cost, if you qualify.


1As long as you’re under a doctor’s care.

2Maximum annual benefit is 1.5 months per policy year for injury and 1.5 months per policy year for sickness.

3Maximum annual benefit is 1month per policy year for injury and 1 month per policy year for sickness.

4Under the Accident Policy, other covered injuries are blindness, dismemberment, herniated disc, hip or spinal fracture, severe burns.  Under the Sickness Rider, other covered illnesses are amputation, brain tumor, kidney failure, heart surgery, multiple sclerosis, organ transplant.





Exclusions and Limitations 

Under the accident/injury coverage, benefits will not be paid for:

  • Any sickness or disease1
  • Attempted suicide2 or intentionally self-inflicted injury


Under the sickness coverage, benefits will not be paid for:

  • Attempted suicide2 or intentionally self-inflicted injury
  • Accidental bodily injury
  • Alcoholism or drug addiction3
  • Mental or emotional disorders4
  • Normal pregnancy or childbirth
  • Cosmetic surgery or other elective procedures which are not medically necessary, or
  • Any other condition excluded by name or specific description in an exclusionary rider


1Not applicable in NJ, only if directly caused by Accidental Injury.

2Not applicable in MN.

3Not applicable in MN, SD, VT.  In AK and DC, benefits will not be paid if intoxicated or under the influence of a narcotic unless administered on the advice of a physician

4Not applicable in VT.


Preexisting Condition:

  • Loss caused by a Preexisting Condition is not covered unless such loss begins after 241 months from the effective date.
  • Preexisting Condition means a bodily illness or disease which was diagnosed or treated by a Physician within the 242 months preceding the Effective Date.


112 months in SD, VT, NJ

212 months in SD


Other important information

  • Policy effective date is generally 15 days from your application date, but may be delayed due to underwriting acceptance.  The Policy Effective Date will be shown in the Schedule of Benefits.


This is a brief description of policy benefits for accident only disability policy Form No. series 14211, 14232, 14226-DC and 14229-SD; and sickness only disability rider Form No. series 12670, 12685, 12679-DC and 12684-SD.  See the policy for complete details of policy benefits and exclusions/limitations.

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